Awarded Order of Industrial Service Merit
(Iron Tower Medal) on the 28th Commerce & Industry Day
(exemplary commerce industry person)
Received Exemplary Taxpayer Award on the 36th Taxpayers' Day from Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Finance & Economy
Filmed TV drama 'Hero's age' at Yeongdeungpo factory
Relocated Seoul office
Adoption of ERP information system
Signed joint venture with Jeollanam-do and Hampyung-gun
Started building Hampyeong Factory
50th anniversary of company foundation
Acquisition of ISO 9001 and 22000 Certifications
Technology Information and Cooperation Agreement with Japanese Nikaya Mills
Ground-breaking ceremony for Asan Factory
Constructed Asan Factory
Acquisition of HACCP Certification
Sold Hampyeong factory
Acquisition of HALAL(MUI) Certification
Mr. Sung T. Chung inaugurated as the sixth representative director.
Strategic affiliation with aegic, Australia
60th anniversary of company foundation
Mr. Sun J. Park inaugurated as the seventh representative director.
Establishment of modernized laboratory facility
Expansion of production capacity to 500 tons/day
Mr. Youn-Sang Lee inaugurated as the fourth CEO
30th anniversary of company foundation
Erection of 2 raw wheat storage silos(2,600 tons)
Expansion of production capacity to
550 tons/day
Mr. Kwan-hei Park inaugurated as the fifth CEO
Erection of 3 raw wheat storage silos(4,050 tons)
Erection of 9 flour silos (900 tons) and increase of loading bin
Expansion of production capacity to 650 tons/day
Increase of R&D room modernization facility and establishment of secondary product processing laboratory for customized products
Export of flour to North Korea for the first time and provision of flour through international Red Cross
Premix production facility 50 tons/day newly established
Acquired food manufacturing license
China Shandong Province Product Group Corporation
Participated in the expansion of milling process and affiliation of milling technology
40th anniversary of company foundation
Awarded a prize by president of National Tax Service in commemoration of the 32nd Tax day.
Built information system infrastructure for business information system and E-commerce
Establishment of  Daesun Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Mr.Hyeong-joon Ham inaugurated as the first CEO
Produced 225 tons/day
Expansion of production capacity to
270 tons/day
Erection of 3 raw wheat storage silos(5,100 tons)
Mr. Jong-Moon Hong inaugurated as the second CEO
Expansion of production capacity to 380 tons/day
Mr. Se-Jeong Park inaugurated as the third CEO
Expansion of production capacity to 450 tons/day